Anorexia Looking For Blame In The Past

Anorexia Looking For Blame In The Past

I had this post below this video on my you tube channel from a girl who had anorexia and her therapist looked into the past thinking there must be evidence of abuse and thats the reason for the anorexia.

Help; I Have Anorexia & Now False Memories

I need help. I had a few really bad “false memories” because I was anorexic and had been cutting and depressed and have bad anxiety and no reason for any of it. So like you said, therapist get excited when you share something from childhood….my “memory” was really bad and I’m really embarrassed about It.
I didn’t think it was true until the doctors were like “oh! That makes perfect sense!!” So then I started believing it. I thought I had just made myself push it into the back of my mind because it hurt so bad. So when the memory got brought to the surface, I had to face it and deal with it and flash backs and supposedly PTSD got worse.
I got help for that, but it didn’t really fix anything. So then I started doubting myself. I’d have days where I was sure it didn’t happen, and then days where I was terrified to leave my house because the “flash backs” were so bad and I was scared of people.
Anyway, this memory went on for over a year. And then one day I told my therapist(a different one. Not the one that made me think I was abused) that I thought it wasn’t real. So we worked on it for months.
And I was so scared that I had lied for attention. So I started cutting again and suicidal thoughts got way worse. Lying about abuse is the mother of all lies): I still feel like I lied. I feel like a compulsive liar and I’m scared. I don’t want to be a liar. I really believed that it happened.
How can I move on from this “memory”? It just seems unacceptable to not punish myself for pretty much lying. I don’t know what to do. I put a lot of people in a really bad place because of this. I’m having lunch tomorrow with one of the women that was directly involved, and to me her story about abuse….I feel like I lied to her and that now she’ll hate me.
It’s a huge step for me to tell people that the abuse didn’t happen. I feel so guilty everyday about it, and I don’t think I should be alive. I feel like I did a terrible thing. It was an accident. Do you have any advice? I don’t know what to do. I can’t keep living like this.

Birmingham Eating Disorders Expert’s Reply

You must not punish yourself for past mistakes. Only ever look to learn from them to never make the same mistake again and to make things better.
At a vunerable time you were led down a path that you explored to look for a reason for how you felt and behaved.
You trusted the ideas that the therapist suggested and were totally open to them helping you.
They too were mis guided. Former clients have successfully sued freudian therapists  who have not helped them, in fact they have left their client in a worse place than when they started.

Anorexia is often a diet with no exit strategy

Sometimes anorexia is started by a diet with no exit strategy and thats it. period! Not crap from the past ( that said everyone has some crap in their past, its called being human and growing up)
 I have some videos on this channel about that.
You need to focus on ”How can I make my life better in spite of everything”
Look after yourself and be ‘kind’ to you you are worth it. Please watch the videos of mine that appeal and feel free to ask some questions in the comments section.
Watch one of my latest videos called ”Focus and Motivation” as it will help

Videos to help overcome PTSD

There are ones for overcoming PTSD too all of my videos are focused on solutions rather than dwelling in the past forever. It was bad enough the first time why would you want to stay there.
Show this video to your therapist and if they are open to things Ive said then carry on working with them but ask to focus on; how can I become more confident and build my self esteem and be kind to ‘me’
Watch and listen how they re-act and if its not supportive of you, look for a better therapist to help you :)
Lots of love
Debbie xx

Anorexia Treatment

Looking for reasons in the past for causes of anorexia can cause much heartache all round & not result in helping the anorexic at all. Its far better to focus on learning strategies of what naturally lean, healthy happy people do which will leave the destructive pattern of anorexic thinking behind the sufferer.
Lots of free help is available from the Facebook page
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Binge eating rehab and emotional mastery

Binge eating, rehab & emotional mastery

Binge eating can be an addictive behaviour pattern that is hard to stop.

An addiction is said to be an unhealthy dependence on a substance such as alcohol or drugs and certain foods which mess with our brain chemistry and become highly addictive to certain people.

We often miss the fact that our thoughts also can become addictive and drive us into partaking in all kinds of addictive behaviour, food, binge drinking and excessive exercise.

Negative thinking can be as addictive as any drug and can pull us back down.

Mastery over our thoughts

Mastering our thoughts and emotions can set us free from our binge eating  addictions. Birmingham based eating disorders expert Debbie Williams has helped so many to overcome their disordered eating at a cost much cheaper than rehab for binge eating.

All addictions have some degree of pleasure attached to it, for example the idea of eating food and throwing it up can seem very appealing to young girls who thing it means they can have their cake and eat it ( and crisps and chocolate and mums calorific  spaghetti boll) with no consequences as they can get rid of it by purging it from the body

Bingeing stops negative moods and thoughts

Its an easy way to change their state or mind and silence negative thoughts and it works in the for a short time as digestion takes more energy than anything, but that doesn’t last, then after a while many find that food begins to control them.

They even wonder why they are doing it still yet at times the urges come to partake in abusing food to feel better; and generally the are then on a roll to fill that empty space inside of them.

Many have binged and thrown up but then outgrown the idea, but for others their mind drives them to binge more and more and when they try to stop bingeing they realise the hold it has over them and many times they contact Debbie Williams for help.

0121 241 0728 to get help to stop abusing food and be free of its addictive hold.

Binge Eating Rehab

Many bulimics and binge eaters start to recognise the harm their bingeing addiction is doing to them physically and mentally.

A challenge that many eating disorders experts find, is when those close to the bulimic or binge eater ask for assistance for a loved one but the actual person does not want to let go of their addiction.

They can go through binge eating rehab and then continue to binge when they come out. Birmingham expert works differently to help change the way the person feels towards food to free them from the hold binge eating had so that they can become healthy, happy and lean for life.

Birmingham based Debbie Williams can help and you can do it with her self help programme ”Lean for life” or one to one.

Either at the Birmingham clinic or over the internet through Skype.

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Eating Disorder Signs

Eating Disorder Signs

What behaviours may be the signs of an eating disorder?

Some of the signs below may help to determine if an eating disorder may be developing or is already there.

Knowing some of the possible warning signs and behaviours may help others to recognise the problem and get help sooner.

The earlier it is discovered the better the chance for a  complete recovery.


Common Eating Disorder Patterns;

Regularly Skipping meals

Making food disappear

Hiding food in places only you know

Eating in secret and staying away from people at meal times

Regularly Missing family get togethers or parties

Total preoccupation with weight

Sudden and unusual food rituals

Writing or reading only about diets and food

Mood swings that are a sudden change to normal

Rapid weight loss or weight gain

Frequent sore throats,headaches or other complaints

stock piling food

Clearing out lots of food

Total preoccupation with food – writing lists or talking about good or bad food

Eating a lot, then retreating to the bathroom

Buying, using or hiding diet pills, laxatives or enemas.

Over-exercising or over resting because of weakness, dizziness, feeling unwell

General unhappiness and depression

If you experience several of the above you may well have an eating disorder says Birmingham Hypnotherapist and eating disorders expert Debbie Williams.

There are different behaviors for everyone and not all will experience all of the above.

 Eating disorders established early on

Many eating disorders do begin in younger life.  It may be a short experience which terminates when any underlying reasons are resolved.

However the stresses we all face  in later life may cause them to resurface  According to science writer Trisha Gura, eating disorders affect millions of adult women, not just teenage girls.

These serious food issues, including anorexia and bulimia, may if unrecognised, continue to manifest themselves throughout a woman’s life.

Eating disorders cover a wide spectrum, and there’s no one-size-fits-all cause. “Eating disorders are caused by a mix of three things: genetics, psychology and culture,” she says. High-stress life situations—including puberty, pregnancy, marriage and mid-life crises—can often trigger an eating disorder or a relapse.

 Birmingham Eating Disorders Help

Having strategies and tools you can use once you recognise a past  behaviour is a wonderful and simply way to stop them in their tracks!  Remember we become good at things we practise and as simple as it sounds.

Using therapies like NLP and listening to self help recordings can change things even faster. You can work with your GP and use self help products to help on the journey of recovery.

Birmingham expert Debbie has over 30 self help products and some free ones on her website for you to get started with 

Related Resources

Debbie Williams Birmingham hypnotherapist and eating disorders expert

Lying in Weight: The Hidden Epidemic of Eating Disorders by Trisha Gura

Dr Oz Tv – Hidden eating disorder causes



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Stress And Eating Disorders


There is a common cycle within us all.  When you feel stressed or anxious or have a moment that upsets you it is normal to feel differently about eating. Stress can make you lose your appetite or even make you feel sick. Or it can make you crave comfort foods, those foods that make you feel good for a moment. For most of us, once the event or situation has passed, can return to our usual eating habits.

Bad Habits Can Also Be Formed

However stress and the way we react to it can quickly become a cycle that leads to eating disorders. When you eat less or eat more your body and mind is put under stress and this extra stress affects our eating habits again.

It is a cycle we must learn to understand and break the link between stress and eating disorders teaching the person new strategies to handle their stresses.

Eating disorders begin as a coping mechanism

Most eating disorders begin as a coping mechanism due to a stressful event. When you feel overwhelmed or unable to change or solve a problem it is easier to focus on something you can control – your eating – this actually keeps you from resolving the actual cause of your feelings.

Worrying about your weight can make it worse

If you already have an eating disorder then worrying over your food or weight can be a source of considerable anxiety which in turn elevates your stress levels.

Constantly thinking about food is exhausting and this alone creates much stress.   The more stress the longer the cycle continues.

The problem with dealing with any situation, feeling or event that makes you stressed or upset is that you haven’t been taught how.  People tend not to share with others when they are struggling with stress or feeling upset over something.   Sadly we have been made to  feel we have to be in control of every aspect of our lives no matter our age.

The truth is you can’t control everything and you do not have to. Life is a series of events or moments that come and go.   When you know useful and succesful ways to deal with these moments then using food as a coping mechanism will no longer be necessary.  Breaking a problem down into what you can resolve or change is a useful start.  Also bearing in mind that most events or feelings pass very quickly even resolving on their own.

Learn to de stress.  Take a walk, get into a creative hobby, talk to a friend.  Doing  something that you love or feel passionate about can instantly change the way you feel and make you become more body positive and calmer.


Lean for life hypnosis and NLP programme by Birmingham eating disorders expert;

University Of Michigan Eating Disorder Survey

Professor Heidi Lorimor – Bucknell University study

Mind – stress in eating disorders

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Eating Disorders in Older Women

Eating Disorders In Older Women

Are womens midlife eating disorders totally misunderstood?
When eating disorders hit the media it is usually stories of young girls and young women who fill the pages. Sadly eating disorders can hit at any age and more women are developing problems when entering their 40′s, 50′s and even 60′s now.  I have often heard older female friends saying “when you get to 50 why be worried about your weight”. It simply isn’t that straight forward anymore.  Women in later life are now expected to be vibrant and current and still look good.

Pressures to stay in trim

Of course there are other pressures too.  Like unexpected break ups, finding out their husbands are leaving them for a younger women! The loss of a partner, the stability achieved over many years gone, having to relocate or find a job can tip emotions and beliefs upside down.
Life can radically change and this  can cause women to use something they know and can control.  Sometimes it is the only way for them to gain any form of stability – this is going back to something they may have done when younger -strict calorie counting and even re-visiting bulimia.

Is it a control issue ?

Many women will use the only thing they have control over or think they do.  What and how they eat!   For many newly divorced and lost women the comments made by friends on how good they look, younger, thinner, sexier may also become an added incentive to continue.

Eating Disorders and Shame  

When older women realise they are suffering the same eating disorders as young girls they feel ashamed as if they should know better. After all with age should come wisdom. Or so we are taught but this is an emotional problem. No wonder midlife eating disorders are so often cloaked in secrecy. They are also often overlooked by Doctors in general practise who don’t believe older women could possibly have an eating disorder.
This is a worry as the health implications; bone loss and heart problems that can occur with eating disorders at any age can be worse in older women.  Research also shows that women who lose considerable amounts of weight and gain the pounds back may have increased risk for heart attacks.

Eating Disorders no longer just a teenage issue

Many people, including the sufferers themselves, believe these are only teenage problems. But this simply isn’t so as studies are beginning to uncover.

Journal of Eating Disorders

A study published in 2012 in the International Journal of Eating Disorders found that around 13 percent of women over 50 revealed eating disorder symptoms. Compare this to the 12 percent of women who develop breast cancer . It is a problem we need to understand and help heal.

Birmingham Eating Disorders Help

Birmingham based eating disorders expert Debbie Williams see’s many clients for this issue. You can book a session with her at the West Midlands Clinic by calling 0121 241 0728 .

Or check out the self help ‘Lean for Life Programme here ‘


Cynthia Bulik, PhD, Midlife Eating Disorders: Your Journey to Recovery.
Lying in Weight: The Hidden Epidemic of Eating Disorders by Trisha Gura
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Hypnosis for Anorexia

Hypnosis for Anorexia

Hypnosis for anorexia nervosa. Birmingham hypnotherapist, NLP trainer and eating disorders expert Debbie Williams has recorded two new free hypnosis trances to help overcome anorexia nervosa.

Here is the first one to help you if you suffer with anorexia nervosa;

Listen to the hypnosis often as it will compound positive results.

Anorexia Hypnosis Video Two

Please note these free hypnosis trances for overcoming anorexia nervosa are not meant in any way to replace medical advice.

You must work with your Dr at all times as anorexia is a complicated disease and needs a lot of support to overcome it.

More hypnosis and NLP for anorexia are available here with Birmingham experts ‘Stop Anorexia’ recording plus other hypnosis products including ‘Overcoming OCD’, Ultimate confidence’ and ‘More self esteem’ and many more helpful titles.

Anorexia help Birmingham

If you want one to one help for overcoming anorexia nervosa with Debbie Williams hypnosis and NLP and can travel to Birmingham, West Midlands then call us on 0121 241 0728 or visit us at Debbie Williams Website  for more information.

Hypnosis for anorexia nervosa can be a hit or miss with an inexperienced hypnotherapist. Debbie Williams has helped 100′s with eating disorders over the last 20 years.

Debbie mentors hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners issuing CDP certificates. She also has been a trainer for Dr Richard Bandler having assisted on well over 50 NLP and hypnosis 7-10 day courses over the years.

You can see some testimonials from Debbie William’s previous anorexic clients who are fully recovered on the Facebook page here; Anorexia Help  Many more whom have been helped prefer to keep their recovery private.

The Birmingham & Midlands NLP & Hypnosis Practice Group

Debbie runs the practice group every month in Sutton Coldfield Birmingham West Midlands where you can learn about NLP and practice with guidance from this experienced trainer.

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Stop The Insanity Of Binge Eating

How Do I Stop this Insanity Of Binge Eating?

If you binge eat you know the feeling of how insane it all is. Logically you understand but emotionally you are driven to continue to binge.

It can be a constant nightmare and a roller coaster of emotions and feelings from self hate to feeling worthless and shear desperation.

I know exactly how you feel as Ive been there but no more.

How to become ”Lean for Life”

On my ”Lean For Life” 4 week courses I tell my students to think of this as a 12 month diploma where they are studying strategies of how naturally lean, healthy happy people exist, think, feel and act in the world.

Focus 90% on the solution

Basically we are focusing 90% + on the solution and working towards that, which is exactly what I did to leave my bulimia and binge eating in the past where it belongs.

(About 16 years ago now after 15 years of struggle and before that being an overweight child, actually the 2nd fattest one in the school. )
My job is to help my students with changing their focus from binge eating and dieting and by having a  plan  we use hypnosis and NLP to make the journey easier.

I help them overcome obstacles along the way and guide them to being more on track next month than this month and building the road to mastery over their mind, food and emotions.

Obstacles that cause binge eating

Various obstacles come up i.e. a chocolate addiction ( I have a download for that £19) or a bread addiction ( I have a free short video for that ) or I eat at night or when bored or tired ( I have recorded free videos for that on my Debbie Williams NLP youtube channel) and post them here also on my ‘Stop Binge Eating’ facebook page 

Charting successes

As we chart success something magical begins to happen. The belief I can do this follows and those negative thoughts like ”Im no good, worthless , don’t deserve, or I’m hopeless” start to lose their power and control.

My ”Lean for life ” programme can be downloaded and studied at home and here is the link if you want to have a look. That said use all my free stuff first as it may be more than enough to get you on track and I will be adding loads more on this site to help :)

If you want to come to Birmingham and work with me you can book a session here 

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Anorexia, What Is It?

 Anorexia Nervosa

We think it means someone who has lost or inhibited their appetite for nervous or psychological reasons which isn’t necessarily true as many anorexics are hungry and conquer appetite with their will power.

This gives them a sense of power that feels like they are in control, but later on they lose their power to the anxieties and dis-ease of anorexia nervosa.

 Overcoming Anorexia

When overcoming an eating disorder like anorexia, you need to know where you want to go so that you can make sure you get there if you do not know then it is a bit like setting out on a journey with no idea of your destination. With a plan you have a track to run on.

 Birmingham West Midlands Help For Anorexia

Birmingham anorexic expert Debbie Williams uses hypnosis and NLP to help her clients on a path of mastering strategies of naturally lean, strong, healthy, happy individuals.

There was a study in America that found only 3% of students leaving college had written down goals of what they wanted in their life, 20 years later the follow showed up that the 3% were worth more financially than the entire 97% put together not only that they were happy well adjusted individuals, this is the power of a written down plan as it gives the brain a focus to  work on 24/7 for your benefit.

With hypnosis to help Debbie  will weave many suggestions that perhaps your conscious won’t fully understand but your unconscious can and will integrate new empowering thoughts and beliefs to help you along the way back to normality.

 Hypnosis recording for anorexia nervosa

Birmingham eating disorders expert has a self hypnosis and NLP recording to help overcome anorexia read about it here 

Having anorexia’s very frightening, especially when you are being pushed towards getting help and treatment that you may not agree with or want.

Sometimes it can be tempting just to try to stay where you are and not change things because you are scared of what might happen. But the trouble is that this is a bit like being in a small boat on a lake with no oars, you will find that if you do nothing you will drift further going nowhere.

Birmingham eating disorders expert Debbie Williams has helped many overcome anorexia nervosa. She has a whole host of support on the Birmingham NLP and hypnosis page here


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Hypnotherapy for Anorexia in Birmingham

Hypnotherapy for Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa can be helped with good hypnosis and NLP. Hypnosis can help to ”soften” the rigid rules an anorexic has inside their mind and a good hypnotist can help the anorexic to connect the dots to want to get well.

Birmingham Hypnotherapy for Anorexia

Birmingham based hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has helped many anorexics recover and go on to lead a normal life. Its not always a quick fix as anorexia can be a complicated disease to treat and each anorexic is an individual.

Working towards the goal of being ”lean, strong, healthy, happy and normal is the direction the treatment is aimed towards.

Many times Debbie has taught accelerated learning skills especially if the anorexic is a child and has had time away from school because of anorexia nervosa.

It is always recommended that you consult with your Doctor to eliminate any treatable causes for anorexia. Many times Debbie has worked alongside the doctors to help the anorexic with their restrictive mindset.

Birmingham hypnotherapist has many videos you can watch which can help the anorexic and the parents to understand more about anorexia nervosa here

Hypnosis for Anorexia Research

Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Centre have found that hypnosis hypnosis may help the anorexic sufferer to strengthen their confidence and ability to cope with life. This can lead to healthier eating patterns and improved body image and self esteem.

Self Help Hypnosis for Anorexia at Home

Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams has recorded many hypnosis recording which can benefit the anorexic sufferer including ”Stop Anorexia” and ”More self Esteem”, ”Ultimate Confidence”, Overcoming Anxiety” ”Stop Stress” and many more from the web shop.

 Free Life Coaching From Birmingham Hypnotist

You can try some free hypnosis ‘‘Stop worrying’‘ as well as get the monthly life coaching emails to help stay on track with any goals from Birmingham hypnotherapists website here 

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Bulimia Nervosa Help For Anxiety

 Bulimia Nervosa Help For Anxiety

The name bulimia nervosa and even anorexia nervosa, the nervosa part gives us a clue to the anxiety linked to these two eating disorders. When you can master your anxiety it will release one of your triggers to overeat.
Many times you will binge eat as doing so food becomes the drug which lowers the anxious feelings for a while as seratonin is released and the body is focused on processing food rather than anxious thoughts.
Would you like to be able to count yourself out of a anxiety attack and get back to a calmer state quickly?

Deep Breathing Is Seldom Effective On Its Own

Taking ten deep breathes when in a highly anxious state is often recommended, it can help but its really not enough.

Countdown Out Of Anxiety Exercise

This process below uses how your mind creates anxiety and fear in the body and mind. It gently changes each modality of what your are saying, picturing and feeling within a anxious and panicky state to end up at a calmer place.

Anxiety Attacks; Your Countdown Out Of Anxiety

Measure your feelings, on a scale from 1-10 with number 10 being the worse anxiety ever and number 1 no panic.
  I have given some examples in A as answers to Q questions.
Q. Where am I now on the countdown out of anxiety scale?
A. Nine.
Q. What do I need to do or imagine to take it down 1-2 points?
A. Ten slow, deep tummy breaths.
Q. Where am I now on the countdown out of anxiety scale?
A. Seven.
Q. How am I talking to myself. Is it something like below?
A. ‘Oh my God, oh my God’, high-pitched and fast.
Q. What do I need to do or imagine to take it down 1-2 points?
A. Change speed and pitch of your internal dialogue and slow it down. Imagine if Mickey Mouse was saying what you are saying inside your head
Q. Where am I now on the countdown out of anxiety scale?
A. Six.
Q. What am I picturing in my minds eye about this situation?
A. Worst case scenario.
Q. What do I need to do or imagine to take it down 1-2 points?
A. White out the picture, or mentally change channel in the TV in your mind to a better movie. One where the outcome is a good one.
Q. Where am I now on the countdown out of anxiety scale?
A. Five.
Q. What am I feeling?
A. My stomach is churning, there are butterflies and knots in my stomach, I have a blockage or my heart is pounding or I’m full of tension in my body.
Q. What do I need to do or imagine to take it down 1-2 points?
A. If your stomach is churning, notice what direction the churning is going and reverse it to change direction.
Let the butterflies go and picture them flying away. Imagine knots of tension are made of spaghetti and try to keep them tense whilst imagining the spaghetti slipping undone– and drop your shoulders.
Imagine powerful healing solvent dissolving any blockages and then washing out through your feet, grounding you now.
Imagine an internal metronome for your heart and reset it to a slower pace.
Q. Where am I now on the countdown out of anxiety scale?
A. Four.
Q. What do I need to do or imagine to take it down 1-2 points?
A. Tell yourself, calmly, in a soft reassuring voice ‘I am okay; I am safe’.
Q. Where am I now on the countdown out of anxiety scale?
A. Three.
Q. What do I need to do or imagine to take it down 1-2 points?
A. Imagine a film of yourself looking calm and peaceful. Be the Stephen Speilburg of this movie and when you have got it how you’d like it to be float into it and feel twice as relaxed as you were then.
Q. Where am I now on the countdown out of anxiety scale?
A. Two.
Q. What do I need to do or imagine to take it down 1-2 points?
A. Imagine a healing waterfall washing away any residual bad feelings on the inside see how the dirty water becomes clear and so does your feelings of calm.
Q. Where am I now on the countdown out of anxiety scale?
A. One.
Q. What do I need to do or imagine to take it down 1-2 points?
A. If you are not at one yet just repeat the process from step one, until you are feeling okay.
You can also get Birmingham eating disorders expert free hypnosis recording ”Stop Worrying” here
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